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The 4 Steps are described in more detail below


Step 1 - Consultation and Price

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas. I can advise you on fabrics, designs and pricing.

The price will vary depending on the complexity of the design, size, type of fabric and any special finishes or embellishments you require. Please have a look at the Boutique page for some starting guide prices.

I will send you fabric samples for your approval and work together on the design, types of fabrics, colours, pricing and a mutually agreeable Completion Date (usually a few weeks before your event date). Once everything has been agreed, I will send you a fixed quote.

If you decide to go ahead, a Deposit (see below) will be required to confirm your order. I will then arrange to get measurements. For children, I will arrange a measuring appointment approximately 3 months before the event date, as they often have a habit of growing! I will work back from the Completion Date and schedule your exclusive time-slot for Construction, including time for any final adjustment to achieve the most flattering look.


A non-refundable deposit of 50% will be required at this stage to confirm  your order and to offset the cost of  purchasing materials. Your order will not be confirmed until this deposit has been paid.

If it helps, payments can be made in instalments before the Construction phase. Full payment must be made before the agreed completion date.


If you require changes to the original specification, however small, please contact me ASAP as it could affect the order of construction . Please note,  any changes could incur additional charges. Any additional charges will be discussed and agreed upon before proceeding.

If you have any questions, please contact me

Step 1 -Consultation, Design, Price & Deposit

Step 2 - Purchase of your Fabrics & Accessories

Step 3 - Construction

Step 4 - Final Payment & Delivery

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Step 2 - Purchase of your Fabrics and any Accessories

Each Claro Creation is unique and  made from scratch to your specification. I don’t hold any stock. Whenever possible,  fabrics & materials are sourced from my regular local suppliers.

From experience it is advisable to pay your deposit as soon as you have made your choice, so that I can order all the materials well in advance. This will ensure that the correct quantity of fabric and materials are  delivered to me in good time. Materials usually  take  2 - 6 weeks to be delivered to me.

Please note, there’s no guarantee that your choice of fabric will be available at a future date. To ensure we don’t run short, I purchase all the materials for your project as soon as I receive your deposit.


Step 3 - Construction of your items

Once your order has been confirmed, a  time-slot will be allocated exclusively for the Construction and final Fitting of  your items.

The Construction time-slot will be scheduled to be just before the agreed completion date. This is so that we can allow for any changes in size, shape or fit. I will also factor in sufficient time to include working together on any final adjustments to achieve the most flattering look and fit.


4 Final Payment and Delivery

I shall contact you just before the agreed Completion Date to arrange for Final Payment and delivery.

Your item/s will be sent via recorded delivery as soon as the final invoice has been settled. However, if your are in the East Devon area, we can discuss alternative methods for the hand-over to suit both parties.

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“I’m so sorry for the long winded explanation of the process

but I feel it’s important that you know what’s going on

and where your money is being spent”

Claire (Claro Creations)