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Claro-Creations came about from a need to create outfits for myself, as I am not a standard size or shape! I was in the fortunate position to be able to add to my skills by calling on the expertise of family members, who between them have decades of experience in fine tailoring and dress making.

Soon I had requests to do likewise for friends and clients. It seems there are a lot of us who are not “standard”! Also, it’s rare to find off-the-peg items in the right fabric, colour,  style or fit. Also, sometimes, it’s just lovely to have something unique and personal, designed and made just for you. Over the years this developed into the business it is today.

I work from my little studio in Devon where I make everything from start to finish including design, sourcing materials and construction of  all my lovely creations. As a result I am in full control of every process but it also means I have to put limits on the volume of work I can take on. So please contact me as soon as possible.

Enormous gratitude and a huge thank you  to everyone for all your lovely comments and reactions to your Claro Creations - I am so lucky to be able to do what I love.


A little about Claro Creations

Your Claro Creation involves a 4-step Process

Step 1 - Consultation, Design, Price and Deposit

Step 2 - Purchase of your Fabrics and Accessories

Step 3 - Construction

Step 4 - Final Payment and Delivery

Every Claro Creation is made from scratch, so please confirm your order in plenty of time.

I am already scheduling Construction time-slots for 2022!

A Deposit of  50% is required to to confirm your order and to fix your time-slot for Construction and Fitting (see “More Information” for further details). Your Deposit will be used to offset the cost of purchasing all your materials well in advance. We will also set a Completion Date, to fall usually a few weeks before your event date.

To guarantee their time-slots, a number of clients pay their deposit a year or more in advance, especially if their event is at a busy period (summer). Despite the long  gap between the Consultation and Construction steps, please be assured that once your Deposit has been settled, all your items will be Constructed and Delivered by the agreed Completion Date. Please let me know if your contact details change so that I can contact you when nearing completion. People have been known to move house and in all the upheaval forget to let me know.

For more details please see More Information below

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#top Emma

“Absolutely beautiful dresses.

Very well made, gorgeous fabric and good quality.

I have searched for ages for dresses’. .

and they have either not been suitable or been very expensive.

 These dresses look a lot more expensive than the price.

Would 100% recommend to anyone . .

 especially as they can be customised to suit your wedding theme”

“Claire & I met at a wedding fayre

she instantly was welcoming and it felt like we had know each other for ages.

Claire made my bridesmaids dresses, gave me confidence and lots of advice and her time,

nothing was too much trouble. A lovely lady who is great at her job”

“Clare made 4 beautiful dresses for my wedding.

Nothing was too much trouble even when I wanted extra added at the last minute.

such a great service and very reasonably priced even comparing to high street retailers “

“How wonderful to find not just an exceptional dressmaker

but someone who is genuinely interested in you as a client.

Professional, friendly and exceptional service.

Claire you are a star! Thank you so much”

“Claire was fantastic!

She was only a message away at all times and just down the road!

All measurements were taken and the dresses made quickly.

Claire also checked the dresses fit and was ready to make any adjustments.

 I was so comfortable with Claire and felt like she was an important part of the day.

if you need anything made she’s the person to go to!

Beautiful handiwork!”

“When you need someone to make something for your big day

Claire is the person to call.

Claire made 3 flower girl dresses, 2 bridesmaid dresses, 1 brides cape,

all the men’s cravats and pocket handkerchiefs, the baby waistcoat and dickie bow,

gloves and ring cushion for my daughters wedding without any fuss.

She is a lovely lady who is able to interpret your ideas and turn them into beautiful outfits.

 Thanks to her skill and attention to detail the chosen theme came through in the red

and ensured all of us matched the bride.

 Thank you so much Claire for all that you did for us,

everyone looked lovely”

Claire (Claro Creations)

“Thank you everyone

for all your wonderful comments,

they make me so very happy

Thank you too, for allowing me to share

some of your comments and photos”


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